What Sets Us Apart

Our Charitable Nail Spa

We have a complete Charitable Nail Spa™ in our two new Surrey locations! Every penny made from our nail spas are donated to a local school or charity. Our patients and moms love the facility and of course Cindy, our amazing certified aesthetician.


Our 3D Diagnosis and Imaging Service

Our CBCT (3D) X-ray machine has been an excellent diagnostic tool in orthodontics. Having a 3D initial image is particularly useful to orthodontic treatment (braces and Invisalign®) as we are moving teeth in all three planes of space. Viewing the orientation of unerupted teeth can improve accuracy in estimating realistic treatment time. As well, patients can see dental crowding clearly, impactions and even skeletal asymmetries. This important information translates into better patient/parent education and understanding of the orthodontic issues discussed in consultation (crossbites, impactions, etc).


Invisalign Scanner – No impressions are required!

We have made many positive changes recently to the way we practice orthodontics in B.C! We have the IOC Invisalign scanner (no radiation, but instead light transmitted topographical mapping) which has been an amazing improvement for our Invisalign patients, as they no longer require an impression of their teeth! A 3D digital model is captured and saved on “the cloud”, and then we email this file to Invisalign for accurate treatment planning. More recently we have been taking a scan of younger patients and printing 3D models (steriolithography or 3D printing). The removable or fixed orthodontic appliances are then fabricated from this highly accurate printed model. This advancement in orthodontic technology is certainly going to be the standard of care in the near future. 3D printers are continually becoming smaller, faster and more affordable.