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There are so many options when it comes to correcting teeth and jaw alignment. Some of the choices we offer are; Retainers, Invisalign and Invisalign Teen, Regular braces - ceramic and clear along with Lingual Braces. We use the latest self-ligating braces, which means less discomfort and more efficient tooth movement. Not all braces are equal so it’s important to ask our Orthodontist in Surrey to go through all the pros and cons of each one and to assess which options would be appropriate for your case.

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At Viva Orthodontics, our team of Orthodontists and experts are specialists in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and facial abnormalities and can guide you smoothly through this entire process. Using our extensive experience and education beyond that of a regular dentist, we can customize a treatment plan unique to your or your child’s issue. Age appropriate, early treatment can sometimes lead to a better outcome later and often prevent the need for extraction of permanent teeth and even jaw surgery.

With children, it’s especially important to begin treatment early and ensure it’s done accurately and efficiently to prevent problems as they grow and their alignment develops. Not only are you helping with aesthetics but also speech and proper functioning of the bite. With early treatment some common problems such as excessive overjet, crossbites, deep bites and missing or supplemental teeth can be improved, to make treatment easier later on.

Communication is key when you or your child is undergoing orthodontic treatment. We are always here to answer all of your questions, discuss every detail of the plan, and also communicate thoroughly with your dentist. It’s our main objective to ensure the satisfaction and comfort of our patients.

Using 3D radiography and computer aided dental imaging means you spend less time in the dentist office and more time enjoying life. It also means your treatments will be personalized, accurate and most importantly effective.

If you’d like to improve your smile and bite alignment, give us a call today and enjoy your new smile soon.