Meet Dr. Jason Gallant And Team

My team and I have serious fun doing serious work that improves and changes the lives of those we have the privilege of helping. We are fortunate, because what we do for a living is very much our shared passion. I simply have the best team in orthodontics. Together, we deliver the best and most advanced orthodontic care available, anywhere.

The treatment philosophy in this office is patients first! Gentle, pain-free care is delivered every day. We explain options fully and answer all questions. We address treatment concerns. We work to see that patients receive treatments that work with their busy lifestyles and achieve their smile goals.

We make sure that each visit for our patients and their families is a positive one. This is a friendly, relaxed place for them to come.  They feel welcome when they walk through the door. We respect their schedules and run on time. We take the time to get to know them and always look forward to their visits.

My team and I look forward to meeting you and your family and creating the smile of your dreams.


Eleven memorable years of university education in science has formed the critical foundation of my professional life. My background includes:

Continuing Education and Technological Advances

Although I enjoyed my time teaching in graduate school, it has always been the role of perpetual student to which I am most naturally attracted. I find myself constantly taking continuing education courses in orthodontics and related fields. It is important to know that my patients always receive the highest level of care available. Though I admit sometimes I do only attend so many classes for the opportunity to travel to glamorous and exotic locations like Gurnee, Illinois.

I have always been especially fascinated by the technological advances orthodontics has made and continues to make. It is really an exciting time in orthodontics! Software programs that were once only to be found on the administrative side of our practice are now part of everyday patient treatments. I have cone beam X-ray machines that improve diagnostics in three dimensions, and two intraoral 3D scanners that not only increase accuracy but eliminate any need for impressions for our Invisalign® patients. Our practice is currently implementing computer-guided orthodontic tooth movement for our newest braces patients. These patients have more comfortable treatments that involve a lot less of their time and also gain excellent clinical results versus those with conventional braces.

Professional Memberships

Being actively involved and in touch with current practitioners, educators, and researchers in my professional community allows me to remain aware of new developments and challenges others are encountering. The collective knowledge and experience I gain through working with other professionals and reading about their work is something that I am able to then pass on to my patients. My professional memberships include:


Though originally from Prince Edward Island, since 2001 I have lived in beautiful British Columbia. I reside here with my wife, Kimberly Hodder, who is also an orthodontist. We have two beautiful children, Mya and Feury. Life can be very busy for today’s kids and parents. My titles away from work are Dad and Director of Strategic School Drop-Offs and Pick-Ups. Whether our family is on holiday or just in the backyard, the best times for me are when we are all together, hanging out.

Meet The Team