COVID-19 Statement

COVID-19 Update May 19th, 2020

Dear Patients and Families,

We look forward to seeing you again soon! Our offices will be reaching out to you to schedule your appointment.  You will notice we’ve made a few changes for your safety. Also, in preparation for your appointment with us please read the following:

Please brush and floss at home right before your appointment! Our brushing stations will be closed. Also, use the washroom before leaving home.

Upon arrival you will notice our doctors and clinical team will look different. We may be wearing updated PPE and Face Shields. We are still smiling underneath all the gear as we are happy to see you again ?

Everyone will be invited to use hand sanitizer and then brought into our clinic. Once in the clinic we will give you a mouth rinse prior to being seated.

When you arrive, please call us and head into our office by yourself, if you are old enough (10 years old or older). Parents and siblings please stay in your car, as our waiting room is only for checking in and out. We appreciate that you are on time so that we avoid clusters of patients and can practice social distancing.

If you have questions regarding your child’s progress, please call us and we can give you an update on treatment progress and estimated completion. We will call you to book the next appointment over the phone.

See you soon!

Thank you from all of us at Viva Orthodontics

COVID-19 Update May 15th, 2020

We may be physically closed, but we are here for you virtually.

We wanted to keep you informed about what is happening at our office.  Although our office is still physically closed, we have been able to see many of you remotely to ensure that your treatment is progressing.

While we prepare for your next office visit, we are busy making sure that it will be as safe as possible. At your next appointment you will see some changes, including new PPE and social distancing measures. Please keep in mind that these changes have been made to ensure the health and safety of our patients and staff and to ensure we are compliant with the government mandated social distancing regulations.

Although certain dates have been mentioned as possibilities to re-open, the information we have been given by our provincial governing bodies is still not firmly established. Once we have been given the recommendations to begin seeing patients for routine visits, we will be touch with you. Please wait for our office to call you to reschedule your appointments. We have a very accurate and comprehensive list of every appointment canceled, including the day and time.

Thank you for your continued patience, we hope to see you very soon.

Drs. Kimberly Hodder and Jason Gallant

Viva Orthodontics